7 157 Outstanding Checks

On and after January 1, 2002, the cumulative total of arrearages and interest accumulated on those arrearages described by Subdivision is subject to Subsection . A cumulative money judgment for the amount of dental support owed under Subsection (b-2). For the purposes of this subchapter, interest begins to accrue on the date the judge signs the order for the judgment unless the order contains a statement that the order is rendered on another specific date. The office fund established by the administering entity for the domestic relations office. Participate in mediation or other services to alleviate conditions that prevent the respondent from obeying the court’s order.

What is the journal entry for outstanding checks?

Example of Outstanding Checks

The entry will debit Cash in order to increase the account balance. The credit portion of the entry will likely be to the account that was originally debited when the check was issued. The check that was voided is also removed from the list of outstanding checks.

Initial consultation. A prospective applicant required or potentially required or requesting to use the pre-filing process must first consult with the Director on the nature of the project, the content of the pre-filing request, and the status of the prospective applicant’s progress toward obtaining the information required for the pre-filing request described in paragraph of this section. This consultation will also include discussion of the specifications for the applicant’s solicitation for prospective third-party contractors to prepare the environmental documentation for the project, and whether a third-party contractor is likely to be needed for the project.

Title 18

Debit to Cash Over and Short for $3. Credit to Cash for $80. A $100 petty cash fund has cash of $15 and receipts of 7 157 Outstanding Checks $80. The journal entry to replenish the account would include a credit to a. Cash for $85. Petty Cash for $85.

7 157 Outstanding Checks

A court described by Subsection retains jurisdiction to render a qualified domestic relations order or similar order under this subchapter until all support due under the child support order, including arrearages and interest, has been paid. The property is owned in part by another person, other than the obligor’s spouse, the court shall render an order partitioning the property and directing that the obligor’s share of the property be applied to the child support arrearages. Interest accrues on child support arrearages that have been confirmed and reduced to money judgment as provided in this subchapter at the rate of six percent simple interest per year from the date the order is rendered until the date the judgment is paid. We are pleased to report that all 231 checks initially sent to Eligible Shareholders listed below have now been deposited or otherwise accounted for. There are no more outstanding checks. We are also happy to report that on June 28, 2022, the District Court entered an order granting the Distribution Agents’ motion to make a supplemental distribution to six additional Eligible Shareholders who contacted the Distribution Agents after the initial distribution checks were mailed out.


See Exhibit D, paragraph of this section. A copy of each market survey made within the past three years for such markets as are to receive new or increased service from the project applied for. How those production areas are connected to the proposed construction. If the daily design capacity shown in Exhibit G is predicated upon an ability to meet each customer’s maximum contract quantity on the same day, explain the reason for such coincidental peak-day design. If the design day capacity shown in Exhibit G is predicated upon an assumed diversity factor, state that factor and explain its derivation.

What does an outstanding check mean?

The definition of an outstanding check is a check that has been written, but it hasn't been cashed-deposited by the bank, or otherwise cleared the bank. An outstanding check can be a personal or a business check.

Using electronic cash registers with no tapes. Cash count sheets requiring only the supervisor’s https://www.wave-accounting.net/ signature. Cash count sheets requiring only the cashier’s signature. Internal auditors a.

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